Word Sense Disambiguation

7 Fevereiro 2012

Novos mantimentos na nau dos mantimentos:

Eneko Agirre & Philip Edmonds (eds.) (2006) Word Sense Disambiguation. Algorithms and Applications.Dordrecht: Springer. 

Foreword // Graeme Hirst
  1. Introduction (pdf available) // Eneko Agirre and Philip Edmonds
  2. Word Senses // Adam Kilgarriff
  3. Making Sense About Sense // Nancy Ide, Yorick Wilks
  4. Evaluation of WSD Systems // Martha Palmer, Hwee Tou Ng, Hoa Trang Dang
  5. Knowledge-Based Methods for WSD // Rada Mihalcea
  6. Unsupervised Corpus-Based Methods for WSD // Ted Pedersen
  7. Supervised Corpus-Based Methods for WSD // Lluís Màrquez, Gerard Escudero, David Martínez, German Rigau
  8. Knowledge Sources for WSD // Eneko Agirre, Mark Stevenson
  9. Automatic Acquisition of Lexical Information and Examples // Julio Gonzalo, Felisa Verdejo
  10. Domain-Specific WSD // Paul Buitelaar, Bernardo Magnini, Carlo Strapparava, Piek Vossen
  11. WSD in NLP Applications // Philip Resnik
Appendix: Resources for WSD
Index of Terms
Index of Authors and Algorithms

fonte:  http://www.wsdbook.org/

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