Carta aberta ao Parlamento Europeu.

5 Maio 2009

Escrevi aos eurodeputados sobre o “telecoms package“. Pode fazê-lo também, usando esta página:

Da Open Letter to the European Parliament:


Open and non-discriminatory access, which has always been the basis for the growth of the Internet, is threatened by American telecommunications companies AT&T and Verizon, which have pushed a series of amendments. These amendments will create a permanent state of bandwidth scarcity and allow companies to prioritize certain contents, applications and services over others. They will also discourage investments in network infrastructure, preventing competition and innovation. This will seriously threaten fundamental freedom of speech.


(via El blog de Enrique Dans > Entre hoy y mañana nos jugamos que Internet siga siendo Internet)


ACTUALIZAÇÃO: EL PAÍ  “La Eurocámara rechaza la nueva legislación comunitaria sobre Internet

ACTUALIZAÇÃO II:  Parlamento Europeu: vitória da liberdade e do direito dos utilizadores de internet  , em Sem Muros
(via Twitter de Paulo Querido)

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