Dicionários gerados pelos usuários

28 Abril 2008

«Although traditionally dictionaries have attempted to explain the usage of language through accurate definitions curated by professional lexicographers, the interactive nature of the Internet has made room for a new linguistic tool: user-generated dictionaries. Online user-generated dictionaries, such as the Urban Dictionary (www.urbandictionary.com), depart from the established role of the dictionary as a repository of authoritative information to act as a forum for users to explore the social uses of language, make commentary on cultural trends, and respond to the definitions created by others. And there is no vocabulary better than slang to inspire a host of creative definitions. Colloquialisms and slang provide an ideal example of the mutability of the English language and are exemplary of the manner in which speakers of a language change it to suit their needs.»

em: think-u-bator > The Forefront of Lexicography: User-Generated Dictionaries

via: omnis persuasio carcer est > Dicionários criados pelo usuário

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